December 16, 2018
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The Australian Online Poker League


Aussies simply love their poker. And what better way to play the game they love so much, than from the comforts of home. That’s what the Australian online poker League is all about. Many have already toted it as the best online poker league for Australians. The APL is rather easy to understand which is just as well because that’s all the more reason to get started with it. It’s essentially about accumulating as many points as possible. For Poker greenhorns – novices – it’s about gaining experience. The points acquired then go towards the leaderboard where the top players enjoy a mini-Poker tourney at the end of a specific calendar month. That’s where the real-cash prizes can be won.

Besides for all the benefits such as an interactive online community of like-minded Poker players, it’s free. That means there are no costly membership fees, monthly fees, commission fees etcetera. Back in 2005 the 1st Aussie won the mega-million pot at the WSOP in Las Vegas. But more importantly that was the same year that the Australian Poker League hosted its first Free Poker Tournament. The reason this is so attractive to all folks down under, from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth is that players bear no risk at all. It’s the gaming that counts, not the gambling and this is something that many folks can identify with. With all the costs being covered by bars, clubs, pubs and other companies, it’s the people who benefit.

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