December 16, 2018
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Online Lottery Games Equal to the UK Lottery

There are several types of internet lottery games which are free of charge and offer cash prizes, but the most popular online lottery in the UK seems to be QuickPlay. It apparently has an average of 500,000 users and operates similarly to the national lottery. Players choose six numbers and a bonus ball and can win up to £1 million should all seven numbers pop up trumps. QuickPlay additionally offers several prizes if up to three numbers are correct.

To enter the drawing all you have to do is register on their site and pick seven numbers (or you can select a randomization option which chooses numbers for you completely at random). The results are instant and there’s a new draw every minute. The site has yet to pay out its full jackpot since launching and its highest claim so far has been for £30,000. Other popular lottery sites, such as, offers the same cash prize of £1 million for correctly guessing the numbers of the day. The Daily Draw is another which offers £1 million in daily prize money and, as of yet, neither of these sites have paid out the maximum payout.

There are other ways of trying your hand at online lottery-like games and obtaining prize money without spending anything. One such way is to visit When you sign up you get a free bonus to use for playing lottery and winning real cash.

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