December 16, 2018
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How has Technology Helped the Online Casino Industry?

Online Casino

When people are doing everything possible from their homes, right from shopping to banking, it was only natural for casinos to go online too. In the past, people used to visit places like Vegas, Paris or other such place and take up the accommodation offered by thecasino. They would play at the casino and then return. With the casinos becoming online, one can save that time, money, and energy in visiting these far-off places just for the sake of gambling. Now, gambling is available online and right on their favorite devices, from desktops to laptops to even mobile phones – like every online casino there on popular Canadian review source called Valley Games. All thanks to the innovative technology that even payments happen online.

What are the Innovations in Prevalence in Online Casino?
• For the Safety of the Players: The online sourcegets SSL or Secure Sockets Layer encryption of 128 bit that ensures that all the player’s details remain safe. This is one of the first of the technologies that every player concerned about his identity and safety should check before even beginning to browse for games to play. This technology might look very non-descript but if a site claims, or if it has reviews claiming it to get 128-bit SSL’s latest encryption, then it is safe.
• For the Compatibility of games: Though top game developers use high-end graphics, media, and animation software programs to develop these games, they must also be visible on all platforms. If the slot games or the card games do not get HTML5 platform, then they will not be compatible to play on all devices. A game that can open in desktops but not in mobile devices might not be pleasing many players who tour around the world. So, casinos tend to get HTML5 platform support for the games to become versatile across all devices.
• For the players’ benefit: The players who are regular to an online casino might look forward to the royal treatment from there. It is not asking too much, and so casinos have started using facial recognition software. This recognizes the players every time he logs in especially through a smartphone. Then, based on his regular outings to the casino, the operators direct several promotions, VIP loyalty points and rewards at him for his benefit. These kinds of special attention to the players make the games very interesting and attractive to the players.
• For the Ultimate Gaming fun: RNG or Random Number Generator is a method by which the online casinos can spin the reels as per mathematical calculations. The outcome would be a random number that can give the players rewards. This technology is vital and indeed a game changer for the online casinos that also gives the online casinos a clean image. The RNG technology runs on acomputer program and since the outcome is random, the thrill factor is high.
Legitimate online casinos will be using all of these or most of these software programs and technology. In the coming days, we can expect more of such software programs to come up with better transparency.

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