Playing a Lottery Like a Thai!

Thais and lottery tickets have a beautiful connection. In Thailand, people follow numerous methods to choose a number to play the lottery. There are several superstitions associated with selecting the lottery ticket number. Many people have a firm belief in this, even in the modern-day! Thus, people who visit Thailand are amused by the superstitions and beliefs regarding แว ปี Thai lottery.

How to choose a ticket number?

To play a lottery like a true-blue Thai, one must know how Thais pick the lottery ticket number. Playing like Thais would make you a professional.

Interpreting one’s dreams

One way to find the number is by paying attention to one’s dreams. The dreams need not necessarily carry a number. Experts in lottery help in interpreting what people see in their dreams. For instance, a rat is given the number 1, and water is 2, large snakes are interpreted with 5, small snakes with six and so on. If a person gets a dream related to royalty, it is seen as หวยอ..9.

Everyday surroundings

People who wish to buy lottery tickets pay attention to the everyday happenings around them. Seeing a two-headed fish, a snake making patterns on the mud, the count of ill-formed fruits on a banana stalk – all these are considered signs.

If one has decided to participate in the lottery, then one should start paying attention to the dreams, surroundings, and pretty much everything around.

Lottery numbers from calamities

A strange fact about Thai lottery culture is deriving lottery ticket numbers from calamities. All kinds of bad events – man-made and natural grab the attention of lottery participants. If there an accident, people pay attention to the news regarding the accident. The highway number where the accident took place, the registration number of the vehicles involved in the accident, the number of casualties – are also a sign of the lottery number that one has to select.

One can find shrines for people who passed away in road accidents. Thais believe that visiting these shrines can help connect with powerful ghosts and spirits who will help choose the lottery ticket’s perfect number.

In urban areas, some people may not hold superstitious beliefs. However, there is a consensus not to demean the local beliefs even if one disagrees. Irrespective of how one finds their lottery number, playing the lottery itself gives an adrenaline rush to all!

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