Online Sports Betting: Learning All About Deposits and Payment Methods

Online betting sites are also known as Sportsbooks. A player can wager on several sports competitions, including soccer and football. You can also bet on basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, boxing, and mixed martial arts. Horse racing and greyhound racing are also available. The number of online betting players is increasing every day. Online betting sites, like ts911 ถอนเงิน, have been working hard to stay competitive. One of their best offers is the deposit bonus. Most online betting sites reward you for using specific payment methods.

Common payment methods

Major credit and debit cards

These include Visa, MasterCard, Vida Delta, Visa Electron, and Maestro solo. This method of payment is usually the fastest and most convenient for players. There will be a quick credit check first, and some sites will refuse your deposit if the amount does not go through. Most online betting sites offer solutions if you contact their customer service support.


These virtual wallets are third-party companies that handle the deposit position for you. Setting up an account with an E-wallet before an account with a sportsbook is a good idea. You can fund your E-wallet with cash, bank deposits, or credit and debit cards. You can then fund your account using the E-wallet balance. Also, you can make withdrawals from online betting sites. Payments are usually smoother and faster this way. It is easier if you withdraw from the same account on where you placed your deposit. NETeller, Click and Buy, Click2Pay, PayPal, and Skrill are some examples of E-wallet. Most of these platforms are heavy on security and money laundering.

Instant banking and online banking

Instant banking and online banking are not usual payment methods in some places. This online method can be immediate. Sportsbooks provide their account details. And then you instruct your bank to make the necessary payment. Prepaid cards work like gift cards. You can load the card with various amounts; then, you provide the details to the bookmaker.

Other options

Instant e-checks usually take a few days to clear. There is a long waiting time because of this delay. You have to hang around before the bookmaker can make your funds available. Some bookmakers also accept cash transfer deposits. You can also try bank wire transfer deposits to Pinnacle. Pinnacle accepts bank wire transfers from certain places, but not all.

Most of the largest and well-known online betting sites accept most of these options. Always check their list of currencies and accepted payment methods before you top up.

Online Sports Betting

Most popular card methods

Visa cards

Almost all establishments accept Visa cards on a global scale. But, there are still places where a Visa gift card or prepaid card is much more likely to get approved.


Only the most extensive online betting sites accept MasterCards. It has the lowest acceptance rate among online betting sites. It is still worth a try.


This prepaid card offers instant secure and safe payments. You can fund this virtual credit card with your bank account.


You can use this E-wallet to make deposits. You can fund this E-wallet with your credit card or bank account. Click2Pay is one of the most established platforms in the market. Its services are one of the most efficient worldwide.

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard

Most online betting sites accept these. Gift cards or prepaid cards usually create fewer problems. That is why bookmakers often prefer these cards.

Person to person deposit

You can also fund your online sportsbook account by international money transfer. This method is quite complicated because it involves a lot of phone calls to set up payment details. Most online betting sites only handle these processes over the phone. Some bookmakers process these by customer service chat. There is only one downside to this method. Banks are usually known to charge very high international payment fees. Shopping around for the best rates is a great idea.

Bank wire

This method lets you instruct your bank to pay the online betting site. This method creates processing barriers. Most bookmakers do not accept this method, especially if you are a new customer. You have to be a member for a specific period and meet certain conditions.

Bank draft or cheque

Most bookmakers accept a certified cheque. It can take time in the mail because it is not instant, and it will undergo a process once reviewed. Personal checks are almost always not accepted by most online betting sites.

Sportsbook deposit

This payment method is famous around the world. But, some platforms like Skrill are often less accepted by online betting companies. Especially those within the United States.

NETeller deposit

NETeller is somehow like Skrill, where they offer you a card. It allows secure and prepaid deposits. The two rival services have different fees and benefits. Find out what is more suitable for you. These two form the biggest method of deposit payment outside the United States.

Any individual player should encounter no major issues when making deposits. Always check the available payment methods first before making deposits. You will enjoy your betting experience more.

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