Different types of sports betting available till today

Betting on sports is one of the most popular forms of gambling happening in most of the countries around the world. There isn’t a only single way to make sports betting. There are many ways by which a gambler can make bets on a particular sport that he is most interested on. Some websites like zeanstep provide sports betting to bet on some popular sport like foot ball with live updates and immediate results.

Let us see in what are all ways a gambler can make bets on a particular sport. They are as follows,

  • Head-to-head betting

It is the most traditional betting type which is also known as two ways betting i.e. you may bet for either winning or losing the game. In some sport like football it is called as a three way betting which includes draw as a condition along with win or lose.

  • Straight bets

This betting is often used in foot ball. The team which you bet must win or does not lose by margin points that you have already predetermined before the starting of event.

  • Total line bets

This is also one of the popular forms of sports betting. It involves setting a number for the total points scored by both teams and then bet is made. The winning or losing depends on either the number set is below or above the actual score by the teams played. In case of foot ball, this bet and number can be set for each half of the game.

  • Money line bets

These bets are made on sports like hockey and base ball. There is no point spread available in this type of bet which may extend your chance of winning. You may have to choose only one team for a straight win. This game has more risks than more chances of winning in any case.

  • Parlay bets

This type of bet is combining more number of picks to form a single bet known as parlay. There can be any number of picks ranging from 1 to 645 for a 10 team parlay. This is the most risky sports bet in which either the whole parlay should win or the whole parlay should lose.

  • Teaser bets

This type of betting is very similar to parlay bets in combining two or more picks to form a single bet but also allows points spread which can lower your loss amount and increase your chances of winning by some percentage.

This is how bets are made in sports betting. Another form of gambling using online casino websites like slot online which involves playing casino games like slots for real money which in turn earns real money too.

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